July 11, 2006

Working in the computer field rocks!

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the gang

I love my work! Some people wanted to know what I do here. You will be sorry you asked…

I am again working in the computer field (that whole bank-thing was just a mistake), doing what I like: scripting tools for test automation. Majority of the stuff that I work on is written in bash and perl, but there are other things as well. The software under test mostly runs on backend servers, so there is no pretty GUI available. It is all administered through telnet or something similar. What this all comes down to, is that industry standard automation tools are useless for this sort of work, and the tools have to be cooked up in-house. I am the cook in this case.
Added 06-09-06: the title, as some are wondering, of the position is Senior QA Automation Engineer.

I get an office full of toys. Unfortunately, my desktop is a wintel box Image – already checked, and I am allowed to upgrade it to a decent Linux box Image. But I do have access to, in fact I am required to work with, various Solaris, HP-UX, and of course Linux boxes.

In the picture above are some of the guys that I work with: Mark (the boss) is with the hat in the background, Paul (the team leader) is all the way on the left, and Kevin is tonsil-boy.


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