July 20, 2006

During a hard day’s work

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So I have been slaving away (almost) a whole week now, and every once in a while a ‘geer needs to unwind. For my money (Image actually my employer’s money right now Image) here is how I chose to blow off some of the available bandwidth on the information superhighway.

Please note, that this list may get updated at an unannounced future date, without any warning whatsoever.

  • Herman – This is my all-time favourite cartoon. It was funny before Dilbert, and it still gets me RTFLOL.
  • – A guy I know back home puts this site together. I am envious of the amount of time her has to maintain the site!
  • The World Cup in ASCII – This is just too kool not to pass on!
  • – Ahhhh Usenet; some of the biggest jerk-offs on this planet insist on leaving a permanent mark on this world. This is one of the media they often chose. I will admit, yours truly has been known to partake in this practise as well – you will have to search for the instance(s) yourself.
  • bash.orgIRC and other Internet chat programs have one bettered the Usenet, in that they enable people to instantly make a fool of themselves. This site preserves some of the best attempts.
  • Darwin Awards – Speaking of people making fools of themselves, how about horribly disfiguring themselves or better yet killing themselves at the same time?
  • The Hacker FAQ – I thought this was quite funny when I read it the first time, until I realized that it’s about me.
  • The Jargon File – And speaking of hackers, this is worth browsing for little giggles.
  • – Get the 411 on your job before they decide to tell you, to your wireless.
  • Google Code Search – a search engine for things that have been swept under the carpet.

Here is a kool little utility for agregating all your comics from the net.

Feel free to add yours in the comments, please.


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