August 8, 2006

August 08, 2006

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Another great weekend in Ireland. This one was my first long weekend, as Monday was a “bank holiday”; that’s the same as stat. holiday for you Canucks. The whole it rains all the time in Ireland thing is bullshit, and I am now convinced that it was made up by locals just to keep foreigners out.


Since I had that where the hell am I gonna sleep thing finally sorted out, I decided to blow the day off in Dublin. This was going to be the last full day in Dublin city.
The first ever Street Performance World Championship was held in Merrion Square, so I decided to check it out. Funny stuff! The clear winner was the Space Cowboy. The guy juggles an arm-sized knife, a sickle, and a fire torch blindfolded on top of a three-metre unicycle. Oh ya, and for a warm-up, he swallows swords. His act was very professional and just too perfect. I saw it twice and everything was identical, down to the “screw ups”. But Mike Wood from Canananada was just too funny! The man catches a cabbage fired out of a home-made catapult (which he built thanx to “the two years he spent getting his first-year engineering degree”) on a spiked helmet (also home-made) on his head. Too bad that his sense of humour is probably not appreciated outside of Canada – a little satire with a little dark humour thrown in just to spice it up. If you ever get a chance to see either of them, I highly recommend it.


After having my last Full Irish Breakfast at the B&B, I had to move out. OK, so it did rain a little bit on Sunday. I had to go get some groceries so that I could have something for dinner – my famous Goulash and Guinness. It’s a 20 minute walk to the grocery store, and I did not even get wet enough to have to towel myself off!


Another beautiful sunny day. I decided to blow it off at Bull Island watching kitesurfers. Fell asleep on the beach, got a slight burn (again).

For dinner: frozen pizza and of course Guinness again.

Man, tis’ the life! Image


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