August 15, 2006

Commuting around

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suck this

So, lemme pull up my soapbox here, and let’s get started…

What is up with the train system around here?!?!

Some of the stops, at least the ones that I seem to use, have the tiniest little exits. The train is around say 50m long and can carry probably a thousand people, and the station exit is like 1.5m, 2m in better cases, wide doorway. Train pulls up, and everyone is trying to get out – in the morning to get to work and in the evening to get home. Unfortunately, there is a bottleneck of approximately 2x2m of physical space at the exit to the station, that is simultaneously being shared by the hordes of masses trying to get out, new passengers trying to get on the train that just pulled up, AND if that wasn’t enough turnstiles that make sure you are a paying passenger. The genius behind this marvel of civil engineering should be publicly flogged!

How about those announcements? The tracks are shared between DART – the slow train, and the Commuter – the distance fast train. The Commuter does not stop at all the stops as the DART. So once in a while, you are waiting for your DART in the middle of nowhere, and this gentle voice comes on the intercom: “Please step away form the line, train now approaching.” The next moment a trains WHOOOOMMMS past doing in excess of 50km/h. The resulting shock wave and the wind draft slams you back and forth as you’re trying to not get sucked into the train line. The announcer should be freakin’ B.A. Baracus with a megaphone yelling: “Run for your life, fool!”


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