September 8, 2006

Shopping for a phone

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Dead Santa

So I’m looking for a new phone. Actually I have been looking for a new phone for like the past three years, but I have just never had the spare cash to do it. This year I’m going to hit up Santa, as I figure he owes me for the past several years of socks and underwear; if he does not come through for me, then I’m going to treat myself for my B-day!

Currently I am sporting the extreme bargain Nokia 1600. What I really want is a phone and MP3 player and that’s it! I don’t need a camera, I have no need for Bluetooth, or any of that other latest’n’greatest crap. However, I suspect that in today’s consumer economy, I will not be able to get one without these additional features. As for the design, I am not a fan of the flip-phones – the ones that you first have to open up like a can. I do believe that it is a great idea to hide the buttons so as not to damage them, but I personally just could not be bothered to flip. Oh ya, and I would also like it to have a Czech dictionary. Image

Here are the current recommendations, in order of my preference:

  1. The Nokia N91. The slider to hide the buttons is nice, much better than a flipper. Have been a fan of Nokia ever since my trip to their plant in Salo.
  2. The Chocolate bar LG KG800. Slightly over-hyped for my tastes, but seems good.
  3. The Walkman Sony Ericsson W810i. I liked this phone the first time I saw it, even though I generally shy away from Sony products.
  4. The Perl BlackBerry 8100. This looks kool, but I am not sure that it will satisfy me as it has a lot of other features that I will probably never use and will just get in my way.

Anyone else have one? Please do add your thoughts, links, whatever.

OK, Santa flipped me off … so birthday it is then!

It is looking like the Noki is going to be the winner: 4GB disk on-board, and running Symbian too! How freakin’ kool is that? Now I just need to figure out a way to get it over the border, so that I can get the VAT back.

I also started checking this thing out on eBay – it goes for like US$500 including shipping and all (hidden) costs. But man, there are a lot of scams out there! I joined eBay way back in the day, and back then it was a good thing. But today, it is fast becoming the place to get ripped off on the Net. WTF is up with that?


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