September 26, 2006

User guide to humans – anyone?

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mother nature has a sense of humour

What a freakin’ lousy Monday yesterday!

So I had someone ask me another one of those innocent questions this morning, and my knee-jerk reaction was to answer with my “what answer would you like?” The question was: “So you’re from Canada?” The answer that I selected, from the numerous possible correct answers, was: “Sure.” I thought if the guy was genuinely interested, he would pursue it. This got a couple of uncomfortable laughs around the office, so I though I’d better correct it and not alienate the person on his first day. I gave him the (slightly) expanded correct answer; by the end of it, he lost interest.

After that morning, things only got worse in the afternoon. Someone asked me over chat if I had any idea on how to fix their non-functional e-mail. So I needed to know what we’re dealing with: “What program are you using?” “I don’t know.” “Well that sucks. So if you wanted to check your mail right now, what would you click on?” “Internet Explorer, but if you’re going to be annoying, then just forget it.” I have no idea what happened there, but I do admit that I get these sorts of reactions often. The odds are, therefore, that the problem lies in the transmitter and not the receiver. After that, I tried to apologize and recover, but the discussion only got worse.

I spent majority of the day with headphones on, whipping code. This little gem of bash-gibberish took me only three hours of trial-and-error. Man, I gotta stop reading depressing shit like the Unix-Haters Handbook.

The events of the day reminded of the many times that I referred people to “How To Ask Questions The Smart Way“, after they did not like the answers that I had provided to them. Almost everyone of those misguided souls today still thinks that I am an A-hole. I started with precise, correct, and unfortunately (for me) very lengthy answers. People did not like those. Now I try to restrict my answers to single-words. Still can’t seem to win. Next week: grunts. Am I too old to start experimenting with designer drugs?

To top it off, in Ireland everyone drinks whiskey, so I can’t get decent rum and I was out of cigars!


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