January 17, 2007

You feeling lucky, punk?

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So my birthday went by and I got my phone! yay! As most other things in my life, it was not without its hiccups. oh well

Got the phone from 3G. I got lucky as I was dealing with, I suppose, the manager or at least a senior sales guy. It just so happens that he was after a satisfied customer rather than after a quick sale. Since I was interested in a rather new phone and I did mention that I was definitely interested in its Internet capabilities, he recommended that I check with the provider if they will even support this phone on their network. Apparently, a provider can refuse to support a phone if it has not been tested by them first. He did mention that Vodaphone should support it no problem, as they are currently selling it themselves; unfortunately, they also have the most expensive connect charges for Internet. Well, I happen to be on Henry street, so all the providers were within a few minutes of each other. As per the suggestion, I did not even bother Vodaphone. I hit up O2 first. I got some nonsensical attempted techno-babble from a sales drone, which basically amounted to: we will not kick you off, but you’re on your own. The sales drone at 3 (the provider Three) admitted right away that this is beyond his comprehension abilities and called up tech support, who told him very plainly: no! Apparently they will not even give me the configuration for an older phone with which I can take a chance. I walked over to Meteor, and was greeted by a very pretty sales lady with the most beautiful blue eyes that you can just look into and see … absolutely nothing. My questions were also beyond her ability to easily brush me off, so she sent me off to one of the more capable dudes in the store ATM. A couple of clicks on the Internet and he confirmed that they have all the codes and settings for the N91 and if I bring the phone in he will have me connected within 5 minutes. Meteor it is then, contrary to previous expectations! I would like to point out, that I do realize that Nokia directly has the required setting for most operators, but wanted to see first how forthcoming the operators themselves would be. The sales guy at 3G even recommended that I go with the Nokia codes rather than the provider ones, unless those do not work.

Got the phone home, my love was very understanding of my (admittedly) childish obsessions. I carefully unpacked it, after the celebration dinner, and wouldn’t you know it: no battery. I don’t get how my fist cheapo phone had to be sold in a sealed box, but this multi-hundred Euro phone is sold in an open box, where any drop-out sales drone can help himself to the parts? Took it back the next (working) day, got a hold of the same sales guy who apparently assumed that I was not just some punk trying to score a second battery, and with apologies handed me a new battery. Although all was not lost. I found that the battery from my old phone is completely compatible with this one. So, I Googled how to best store batteries, until I use up the old one.

So I am now going to be browsing through the Yahoo! groups over the next several days, since I am already on Yahoo!, searching for a decent group where I can discover other neat and hidden things about my Noki. I already crashed the system BANG! once unintentionally, and am looking forward to pushing the thing to its limits. who, me?

Completely on a different note… Spiderman 3 is coming in May! During childhood (well, teenage-hood in my case) Spiderman was my favourite superhero. Very close second was Wolverine. S3 is going to have Sandman and Venom. In the comic books the two have never met, but I guess the movies follow a different timeline. I am totally looking forward to this movie. The first two were rated as PG-13 so this one is (better be) going to be at least that. Unfortunately, I wanted to take my little guy, but he would not be able to sleep for days. poor guy


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