April 20, 2007

Browser Sync FF plugin

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Dear Google,

I thought I would pass on my experience with your Browser Sync plugin … in case someone is actually listening.

When I first heard about the plugin here, I thought my wishes have been answered. I have been dreaming about something like this since like Mozilla 4.0!

I installed the plugin on my work machine (which I consider to be my primary in this case) first. Everything seemed to have gone fine. Next I installed it at home, where I am absolutely certain the bookmarks do not match with my work machine. Nothing happened. Well, I thought the plugin must somehow keep track of dates, or whatever. So I exited FF, deleted the bookmarks, and opened up FF again. Nothing. Since I had no idea _when_ the plugin synchronizes (continuously, upon startup, upon exit, …) I tried exiting and restarting FF several times. Still nothing. Over the next several weeks I tried various other things (both at work and at home) to coax the plugin to synchronize the bookmarks, with no apparent results of any kind.

Well today, after approximately a month, the plugin suddenly “woke up” and completely messed up my bookmarks on the primary machine – I have no idea where it got this bookmarks file from. Most (but not all!) of my bookmarks seem to be there, but scattered in random folders, plus a few extra bookmarks that I have never bookmarked before. Thank ghod that for some unknown reason reason just yesterday I decided to backup all my bookmarks.

Apparently I am not the only one with issues with this plugin.

This could have been, in my opinion, the second most useful plugin for FF, if only it would work. Today I am uninstalling it.

In my opinion, the plugin needs to have two separate user-accessible functions: “push” to force complete overwrite of the bookmarks file on the server, and “pull” to force a complete overwrite of the bookmarks on the client side. You now have one button that forces overwrite, but it is not apparent (at lest to me) if this is overwrite of the server or client.

Just thought I would mention another one that I have been dreaming of: “Mailer Sync” – synchronize my address book from Thunderbird. But, again, only if it works…


Updated 2008/06/10: I mailed this in to Google. I now honestly cannot remember if I also posted this on their discussion group, well it showed up there anyway.


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