September 21, 2007

In the news recently

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For the past several months, especially since I started reinstalling thetao on a weekly basis, my workstation distro of choice has been KNOPPIX. I was actually surprised how little customization (1 script, 10 lines long, runs about 10 seconds) on top of the KNOPPIX configuration I had to make, in order to have it automatically access all machines that I need on our work network and to be able to do everything that I need to do. I have been eagerly awaiting the next major release of KNOPPIX for quite some time. Because I plan on making several (tiny) changes to some of the KNOPPIX scripts and submitting them back to the developers, I got onto the debian-knoppix mailing list. I was glad to see this totally unofficial announcement … however, considering that I am writing this the next day after the post and still nothing, I wonder.

SCO, the the scourge of all things Linux, have been making news all over the place and have finally admitted they are in deep shit. Good for them and more so for us.

Microsoft have suffered a major defeat in the EU courts. Now, while I’m no Mickey lover, there is one item in this particular ruling that I find troubling. As part of the deal, Microsoft are forced to sell a version of Windows that does not include their Media Player. I believe that any vendor of any software should be allowed to enhance / cripple their software in any way they please. It is theirs after all. Having lawyers dictate what should or should not be bundled with software will lead to no good! That is how we got Windows in the first place.


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