November 30, 2007

November 29, 2007

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When I was in my late teens, I was quite misguided and rather pissed off at the whole world and everyone around me. For some reason I got an idea at that time to start a diary of a sorts, but I only wrote in it when I had a bad day. Today, I need to make an entry, unfortunately my book is over 7800km away. But we are in the 21st century after all, and we now have blogs where we can inflict (flick?) our crap on any innocent passerby.

Firstly there is the fscked jbex (not a typo; hint: each word is encoded differently). Being a Java house, they use Ant to build and test everything and Cruise Control to drive it all. Now there is nothing wrong with Ant or CC, just like there is nothing wrong with make, Maven, or even bohem. It’s all in how the tool is used and implemented. In this specific case, the build process is an undocumented endless spaghetti of redundant recursive Ant files. My first official task (story) involved adding another test stream to the automation framework. This (building test automation frameworks and what amounts to hacking) is exactly what I have been claiming for the past several years is my speciality! I think I had better stop saying that now, ’cause after this week I think I really suck at it. In my own defence, one of the senior engineers had to take a pretty intensive 2x4hours look at this, in order to make some sort of heads and tails of this mess, but still.

Secondly in my personal life I am (stereotypically) torn between following my heart and following my head. And today she let me have it, just as I deserve! And all that I thought I was doing good and right is actually turning out to be wrong and bad.


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