December 18, 2007

So happy new year

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Things have been kinda agitated past few weeks, but are settling down now in time for the end of the year. Just kinda clearing my head here.

First I have calmed down at $JOB, as I have determined that all the stuff they were trying to fill my head with is mostly irrelevant. In testing, it’s all just software with inputs that are suppose to satisfy some predefined outputs, and it either works or not. Simple as that! Tests written in Java suck as I am spending more time chasing bugs in the test framework than I am in the application; but hey at least I have an endless amount of work available. Everything here is done using Eclipse a very lazy IDE, and source is maintained mostly using Subclipse a flaky piece of crap that at least once a week screws up my workspace. After trying to fix up the F-up for a few hours, usually in frustration, I just blow everything away and start all over with a fresh checkout. I still get a kick out of the Java developer telling me that this is an inefficient use of computer resources, because the source tree is very big. I thought that one of the basic assumptions of Java is that resources are unlimited.

The team that I am currently assigned to, is called Team A.

Apparently I am the first one ever that has put a wallpaper like on their desktop.
Nobody here has a sense of humour , but it sure does put bread on the table .

Anyway, the above clip has brought back some memories of my good ‘ol days, when life was naive and uncomplicated and the world was a much smaller place.

etanol is now officially dead – the motherboard clunked out. I am not really interested in getting another desktop right now, maybe a laptop. Anyway, I tried to figure out how much I could sell the parts off for. I discovered that my €3000 komp is now worth about €300 on the open market – not even worth the hassle. Well, I still do have a couple of other toys to play with, and I have been neglecting those for too long.

My love life is still on the rocks. But there was some good news in the personal life area. Yesterday I found out that there is an actual ice ring in Ireland. My younger boy loves (ice) hockey, and when I left Czech Rep. him having to abandon this sport was my biggest (perhaps only?) disappointment. Do you believe in fate or is it all just coincidence?


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