February 25, 2008

Noki upgrade, or is it?

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Nokia logoSo almost a year after I got my Noki I finally upgraded the firmware. I am the ultimate procrastinator!

The Nokia website is rather difficult to navigate, IMHO. I had to resort to Google to find their FAQ, which is the only place that gives you the recommended full instructions. One thing that is missing (but for Windblows users this is probably normal part of life) is that you need to reboot the PC after installing all the software. Before the reboot, the software did not detect my phone correctly. I went from version 1.10.030 to 2.20.008. After upgrade of the firmware I also reformatted the internal disk; the backup and restore via USB for that alone took about an hour, each way. One very kool (NOT!) thing: during restore of the internal memory, about 3/4 of the way through, the phone insists on rebooting, failing the restore … in other words, I have no way of completing the restore. whacky So far I am not sure what I lost, if anything.

So what was the point of all the pain? I had previously experienced occasional lockup of the phone (I did hear this from other users as well), which forced me to reboot it to get it back to life. On one occasion, I even crashed the Music player – the player on this phone is an always-on application, which is not possible to be shut down, therefore the designers did not feel it necessary to have a way for it to be started up. So far no crashes after the upgrade, mind you it has been only a week. However, there was a second reason. When you upload music to the phone through USB, the first time afterwards you switch on the Music player, it is supposed to detect the change and prompt you to refresh the internal music library indexes. On occasion, this process would completely wipe my music library (only the library index, not the actual MP3s) from the memory. After the upgrade, I am permanently stuck with an empty library: the phone does prompt me to refresh after an upload, but the OK button is simply not there – the only option available is Cancel. So far, I have no workaround for this F-up.

Another thing that I am enjoying from the PC software, is that when I plug in the phone and turn on the Mass storage mode, the PC Suite complains that the phone is switched to an incompatible mode…

Update1 2008/07/31: Update on the Music library issues. First off, Nokia obviously denies anything is wrong. Second, there is a way to start up the Music player in case it crashes: Menu > Music. Lastly, and most importantly, to “wake up” (for lack of a better phrase) the Music library after having the phone memory completely wiped due to firmware update, you need to force it the first time: Menu > Music > Options > Refresh music library. My personal guess is that this builds up internally whatever it needs. After that, the updates seem to work correctly after a USB upload, and the prompt even has the OK button. 🙂

Update2 2008/07/31: So one thing that did not make the restore: my saved radio stations.


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