June 4, 2008 not colourful enough!

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I am big fan of FOSS. I don’t know what existed before the Netscape suite, and I don’t much care for anything outside of that family of products today. I always looked at MS competition, but their Office suite was usually forced down my throat due to compatibility issues with management and marketing at work. really grabbed me only after version 2.

The other day, I needed to generate some birthday party invitations for my 8y.o. daughter. How hard can that be? Just grab a nice template off the net and off you go. Right? 😕

Anything nice here?”

“No,” says my daughter, “I like horsies.”

“OK,” resisting the knee-jerk reaction. “Let us see what we can find on the Internet.”

“I don’t like any of those either. Why don’t you go to that really colourful one daddy?” I know she is talking about MS-Office, and you should know that she has never seen 2007 version.

“Well let’s try just one more look.”

“Daddy, is this going to take long?” Still looking over my shoulder, but a little more impatient. Actually, so am I; this should not be that difficult!

Screw it! Three clicks later, I’m staring at Active-X errors in Firefox. 🙄

Why is it that anytime I have a chance to show somebody something relatively simple in some office suite, keep in mind that I am not an office drone and so I am no guru with any office suite, I can usually come up with a better, but more importantly faster, solution in MS?


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