July 13, 2008

First pics from California

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First off a warning: I am the worst photographer ever! I just do not have the eye, the patience, or even the equipment to be able to take decent pictures. But people want to see anything, however bad. So here goes…

First weekend I visited the exact same beach that was the first spot that I visited back in November, 1997 – the first time I moved to California. The beach is called Seabright; it’s hidden behind a cliff East of the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, so even on a particularly nice day there are not that many people. That day, the air temperature was 78°F, the water was 58°F, and the sand was about 100. Nice 3-foot waves, of course I took a dip. It was great!

Seabright beach
Seabright beach on a warm summer day.


Boardwalk beach. All the way on the right, out of sight, is where Seabright beach connects.


Second weekend, after finally getting all my crap sorted out, I headed to probably the nicest city in California: Monterey. That city just can’t do wrong. I parked on one end of Monterey and walked all the way to Pacific Grove on the other side. Here are some random shots of stuff from that walk.

Seals splashing in the water. Beautifully clean and clear water. Starfish and other ocean life is everywhere. Seals are more of a nuisance than an attraction.


End of the line?
This is my favourite grove of trees; love to just sit among them, and watch the world go by.

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