September 1, 2008

WP bugs

Filed under: wp — SiKing @ 7:59 pm

I have been with WP for four months now; seems like much longer. Right from the start there were a few bugs that have been bothering me, and they still are today. Here they are, starting with the most annoying at the top.

  1. When you are entering text in the WP HTML editor, for every Enter that you press (or in my case, copy-paste from OOo) you get a silent <br /> – you do not get to see them as you are entering the text, you only get to see them after you Save (possibly View your post, go WTF?) and go back to Edit your entry. How is that HTML or even XML? According to the standard, white space characters, including newlines, should be collapsed to a single space. Transforming them into a <br /> is definitely a very creative interpretation. I work around this in vi with %j (join all lines), but what a pain: an entirely separate tool to work around one bug!
  2. The text box widget (mine is labeled “Flare” on the right) has an upwards compatibility bug with the img tag (note that mine has only images). Image is normally entered as <img src="...">. Since it is an empty element (meaning there is no </img>) it can be entered as <img src="..." />, which is correct XML. However, if you enter it as <img src="..."/> (note the missing space before the closing slash), which is still valid XML, the WP parser does not get it and looses the entire src attribute.
  3. This one is not really a WP bug, at least not solely. is a place where I often listen to music, as it runs on all OSes that I use. They also generate a widget for your WP blog. Go ahead, and try it … I dare ya. Just go right ahead and paste that mess into either a post or a text widget. 😕

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