September 14, 2008

Professional jealousy

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Professional jealousy can bring down a nation
And personal invasion can ruin a man
Not even his family will understand what’s happening
The price that he’s paying or even the pain

–Van Morrison

A good friends of mine, a friend from way way back, wrote me today. He sent some pictures of what hurricane Ike did to their back yard. He recently moved quite far, like me, and it was the first time I have seen their house. He has a beautiful house, car, all that stuff that normal people my age usually have. And it’s not just the stuff, it’s retirement savings, savings for their kid’s education, investments, etc. It’s not that he makes more money than I – well, he probably does make more money than I, but it’s still in the same reality. Almost all the people that I know, approximately my age, approximately my education level, etc. all have way more stuff than I do. Where have I gone wrong?

People who know me well, like really well, keep telling me that I should be pretty proud of what I have accomplished so far. I have no debt (I don’t even have a credit card as of last month), which I am told is a pretty good accomplishment in today’s day an age all by itself. I have three wonderful and healthy children. My children are some of the most well adjusted, unspoiled, and tolerant people I know, even compared to some grown ups. We have lived in four different countries on two continents, and my children embrace change. OK, so that marriage thing (and all relationships since) did not work out so well. And everything I have accomplished is only thanx to my parents at the expense of their retirement. If it weren’t for them I and my children probably would have been screwed.

I keep thinking that maybe I should turn to God. Religious people, it is said, are way more at peace and live calmer and longer lives. They usually accept what they cannot change / understand just at face value, without troubling themselves with the why or how. I just can’t seem to bring myself to believe, I guess I can’t seem to be able to “accept Him into my life.”


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