September 21, 2008

I want a job at AT&T…

Filed under: cyberspace — SiKing @ 9:16 pm

…testing, because they don’t have to do squat! Here is a transcript, paraphrased, of a conversation I had with a couple of computers the other day.

“Hello valued customer. This is a computer programmed by a mumbling idiot. If you would like to add credit to your account, please press 1, …”


“Thank You. if you would like to use a credit card press 1, if you would like to use a gift card press 2, ….”


“Thank You. Please enter the huge long number on the back of the card.”


“Thank You. If you entered 1234567…………890, please pres 1.”

WTF? I dunno, either I’m gonna get lucky, or you’re gonna make me do it again, no? 1″

“Thank You. Now please enter you phone number.”

Say what? I just got this phone, I don’t have the number memorized! And anyway, are you telling me you can’t even figure out the number that is calling you?

“I’m sorry, I did not understand. Please enter you phone number.”

There is the 611 number that always not only knows what my number is, but that I am also getting short on credit, and is always so helpful.” hang-up, dial 611

“Hello, this is a computer programmed by a complete moron! But at least complete moron programmed me with voice recognition.” pause “I see that your credit is low, would you like to take care of that?”


“Great, would you like to use a credit card, or a gift card, or …”

“Gift card.”

“That’s great. Please enter the extremely long number on the back of the card.”


“Thank You. Did you enter 1234567…………890?”

🙄 “Yes.”

“Oh wait. I just realized that I can’t recharge your account from here. But I can transfer you to the computer programmed by mumbling idiot. Please note that he will require you not only to re-enter that gigantic number again, but also to enter your own phone number.”

😯 😥


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