December 27, 2008

More Minty goodness?

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Over the holidays I tried the recently released Linux Mint 6 – Felicia.

Nothing much changed in the installer from version 5 – Elyssa. I think the whole install took something on the magnitude of 15 minutes including formatting the disks – compared to Windows 2000 which was in the range of 45 minutes, and that does not include hunting down all the drivers afterwards. (I needed the Windows to update my BIOS. 😛 ) If you give the installer an Internet connection, it will download something (this will be on top of the 15 minutes install). I did not actually check, but I suspect it downloaded all the language packs which you otherwise get on the Universal DVD. I did have a couple of very minor complaints about the installer. It would be nice if you could turn off swap for the liveCD (yea, I know there is a command-line way of doing it), in case you are going to modify it. The new system did not know about my previous users, even thought I had their homes stored on a separate partition that I mounted as /home. I don’t really get the point of turning on/off the Fortunes in terminal as part of the post-install.

I experienced some problems with video. First I noticed that Xorg takes up more memory – around twice 120MB when idle, compared to twice 80MB. When starting the X server (hard reboot, or even just switching users), the last active user’s desktop would quickly flash by; I thought this at least a little odd. I tried to connect an external monitor (actually a television set with a VGA input), which totally screwed up my video settings. Not only could Felicia not figure out properly what resolution the monitor was, but even after disconnecting the monitor, the settings on my laptop LCD were screwed up on all user accounts, and all of them differently! Turning off the proprietary drivers did not make a difference. After that parts of the screen even temporarily stopped responding, so I would get this deco effect thing happening.

While browsing around I also noticed a bunch of new things in the Startup programs (see System > Preferences > Sessions) which have no description; so I have to go searching to see if I really want them or not. I think the biggest letdown from Felicia is that, just like Ibex, she does not come with 3. However, you can upgrade it yourself; here is how. If you do, you can dump ~/.openoffice.org2 the user settings are now stored in ~/

Update 09/09/24: OpenOffice.org3 is no longer available for Hardy / Elyssa.

Elyssa was exciting, young, slim, and perhaps a little inexperienced, but once you figure out how to touch her, she was open to try anything. Felicia is more mature, putting on the pounds just a little, but dependable; however, underneath she is a new woman, demanding and uncompromising, that you have to learn how to play all over again. In the end, Elyssa is going to be around longer than Felicia even on my machine. Even set up Elyssa XFCE edition on my son’s old Latitude. :mrgreen:


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