February 27, 2009

No more DictOO in OOo

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I have been complaining about the mess of dictionaries in for a while. Finally, some good news … I think.

Starting in OOo3 (but I myself did not notice until today in version 3.0.1), the dictionaries have moved into the extensions. From the user point of view, this means that the ol’ DictOO Wizard is now gone. There is an Extension Manager (how long has this been around, and why didn’t anyone tell me?), similar to the Add-ons manager that you may be familiar with in some of the Mozilla products.

Extension Manager

So now if you want a new dictionary, you would go to Tools > Language > More Dictionaries Online. The placement of this in the menus actually makes sense, as opposed to the old File > Wizards > Install new dictionaries. You will be taken to a page, where you need to search for the dictionary you want, but you can search for any other extentions that you would like. When the .oxt file is finished downloading, it will be opened in the Extension Manager … just like in Mozilla. Note that there is also an ‘Add’ button for off-line installs. You still need to restart (exit Quickstarter if you have it running) OOo, for the changes to take effect. Friggin’ brilliant! 🙂

And of course, the ol’ dictionary.lst is no longer used for anything.

The Ubuntu repos, however, are still missing CA dictionaries among the language-*-en packages. 😦


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