March 27, 2009

Assorted randomness

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It’s been a while since I dropped something non-techie in here. Stuff was happening, I was just not sure if I wanted to air everything out. Then I figured: what’s the point of having a blog if you can’t bitch about stuff? 😈

I have roughly an hour bus ride to and from work every day, so plenty of time to ponder stuff’n’things. It occurred to me the other day that I seem to, completely unintentionally, pick my women and my jobs about the same way. Actually, pick is not the right word, more like they pick me. Anyway, usually if I have a very positive first impression of the target(?), then it never works out! My first impression of the ones that do work out is usually firmly neutral. Over time, as I familiarize myself with the situation, my impression and whole outlook turn out positive. But in the end, so far 100% of the time, something happens and I have to move on. Wonder what does that say about my sense of first impression? Well, at the moment I am trying to break this trend, in both areas.

I have been gone from Canada for over five years, returned just this past December – just before the middle of winter hits: the worst time of the year for most people. There is snow, like lost of snow, it’s cold, like really cold, and a lot of people are bitter about it. Over the past four months I realized that I really love Canada, specifically Calgary. Sure it’s got issues, who doesn’t, but overall I feel really good here even at the worst of times.

On my daily bus ride I also do a lot of reading. Currently it’s Lion of Ireland by Morgan Llywelyn; she has an amazing talent for storytelling. Ireland, out of all the places that I have been so far, has the greatest people; still have several good friends there, whom I very much hope I will see again. As much as I love living in Canada, I loved visiting Ireland. Here is a passage from the book that I particularly liked:

The green land, the passionate, intensely alive people, the great weight of their history together that stretched back through memory to myth, to some prehistoric dawn he could not even imagine.
A need to love which could not be fearlessly bestowed on any mortal being could be satisfied by the country herself. She could not die. If a man could weave himself into her very fabric she would be his forever, capable of absorbing all his passion, his to safeguard and cherish.

I got this story I tell my children to try and convince them to study hard. When I tell them, I dress it up a little, but the gist of it goes something like this. At the end of school, everyone will get divided into five groups, based on their grades. Then they are going to take the first group aside and show them all the jobs that are out there, and ask them to pick any job they like. The second group will get a choice of the leftovers from the first group. The third group will essentially be left with a pick of jobs that nobody wanted. The fourth group end up on welfare, and the last group become street urchins. I also leave out the fact that popularity and who your daddy is plays a big role in the initial selection. I personally seem to fluctuate between the third and fourth group. The story continues that about once per year your employer evaluates how well you are doing, this includes performance as well as how/if you are liked by your coworkers. Depending on the outcome you may move up or down, or out. I think when I was last in California, I really let things slip. I got overconfident, cocky, and just a plain pain-in-the-ass. So regardless of how good my skillz might have been, I got the boot. Yes, this last part I also tell my children.

I am pretending to be a writer, again. I have always wanted to write a book. It’s a bit of a vanity thing for me, I think – just to have a physical stack of paper bound together with my name on the cover. Unfortunately, I am not quite committed to what it is going to be about, not even fiction versus non-fiction. This is not the first time I tried to write. I wrote the character Cali in Child of the Moon. It was a collaborative fantasy piece, which did not go anywhere because each of the writers had their own selfish idea of where they wanted their character to go, and none of us had any idea (or even care) how we will contribute to the overall story. I played Catlyn (Katlyn) in Radiantsphere, a Traveller campaign; I did not write those mission logs, but man that was a lot of fun! Currently, I am writing my autobiography (in Czech). Two good friends, on separate occasions, previously suggested that I do this. Actually my first autobiographical attempt was this blog, but that seems to be now leaning more toward technobabble. I have some ideas for two other books that I would like to try: one a fantasy trilogy (leftovers from my D&D days) and one a technical howto. But so far those are just ideas …


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