April 21, 2009

Arrrgh! Mateys

Filed under: cyberspace,meatspace — SiKing @ 6:22 pm

PTB is getting a lot of press lately. The whole lawsuit is probably a waste of effort, and money, and court time, and….. The Internet will fight back, and to boot the press is making martyrs out of these guys. This is the same thing as when in the late ’80s they tried to ban offensive lyrics in music, and then kids would go into stores with: “Could I get anything with a warning label on it.” I am on the side of the PTB guys. I think the music and movie industries and their copyright laws are outdated, ridiculous, and in serious need of overhaul.

But even if the *AAs get their way. Look what happened when they tried to take down Napster – we got BitTorrent. If they, by some freak chance do take down BitTorrent, that will only lead to something different and better and harder to take down.

I love this: Canadian pirates have been threatening the American music industry in 1897 – not a typo, yeah, that’s like the nineteenth century – and apparently we are still threatening it today. I think this is generally refered to as FUD.


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