May 3, 2009

e-mail: Bad form of communication

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Today we live in a society where people are unreasonably easily offended or they can misinterpret even the best of intentions and freak out. If you don’t believe me ask any guy what started the last fight he had with his girlfriend. I am surprised how often we are ready to shoot the messenger, and nobody stops and considers that perhaps the problem lies on the receiving end. How did we get this way?

The email is the worst medium. It seems to me that people completely loose their brains when given access to email. How many times have you received a joke email, that has been forwarded around the world several times and the mail contains the complete history of all addresses that it has passed through. Sometimes, these jokes can be quite offensive. I personally am hardly ever offended, usually just pissed at the waste of bandwidth. But I know how to set up my mail filters to not even be bothered by these slightly-better-than-spam annoyances. What gets me though, is the history: everyone’s mail address, along with their fancy signature “VP of this large company”, “Senior PR Manager of that prestigious corporation”, and these people never stop and think … maybe this is going to get, with my name and all, somewhere I don’t want it to go. The best IMHO are the legal threats at the bottom of each and every single iteration: “intended only for the recipient only … please delete immediately or we will take action …” These people are obviously not even paying attention to what they are spewing out into the world. Crackberry addicts are the worst; someone may be the most intelligent and most well spoken person you will ever meet, but put a Crackberry into their hands and within a matter of minutes they turn into a drooling mumbling moron. GMail has even created the Oh shit button because of these people! Can you imagine that particular development session: “So majority of our user are idiots, can we do something about that?”

I am basically peeved that 1) people do not think before they forward something, and 2) when they get offended by an email, they don’t stop and consider: “hey, maybe it’s me and not them.” Well, at least smileys make everything if not better than acceptable.

PS: I really do like you, and I do want to be your friend, but please remove me from your address book. Thank You.

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  1. Are all those involved in agreement? ,

    Comment by John83 — October 23, 2009 @ 1:06 am | Reply

  2. Hey, but what if it could do this and that to? ,

    Comment by Daddy35 — October 22, 2009 @ 1:28 am | Reply

  3. Incarceration after a fair trial will simply not exist as an option in the event of societal breakdown. ,

    Comment by Coder52 — October 13, 2009 @ 1:19 am | Reply

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