August 11, 2009


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Not much actually. 😐

So my Noki is now officially outdated. 😦 Man, €500 and 19 months later, and stuff is no good anymore. 😯 Am I the only one who thinks that a device I pay that much money for should last me at least a decade? Yea, naïve, I know. 😥

Update 09/08/21: Now I know why. Nokia N900 running full Linux. Yea baby!

I am so over 64bit operating systems, regardless of the vendor. I suspect the biggest problem that is killing the whole thing are peripheral vendors. Apparently 64bit support was available in CPUs from 2003, and OS supported it from 2001 – both on the desktop. However, five years after the fact, support from (closed source) hardware vendors is flaky at best! Here is just one example of a miserable issue I recently ran headlong into.

Here is a good one. The other day, while I am installing something – something that I have been installing the same way at work for the past 6 months – out of nowhere pops up the following:

Site Server 3

This is a 10-year old product ❗ And I get this popup only when I am installing over the network. Anyone know where the heck this comes from ❓


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