September 29, 2009

Big loss for Linux today

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Approximately 2 and half years ago I became a serious proponent, dare I say evangelist, of Linux. As of today that is no longer the case.

Without going into all the boring and filthy details, I had some minor problems running a new 64bit kernel, on somewhat new-ish hardware that almost supports 64bits, with some older software. I tried to downgrade – clean reinstall – to something which I had previously confirmed on another machine works perfectly fine. After the install I had serious problems even connecting to the local network – plain DHCP. This is normally an immediate KO criteria for me, and I don’t even bother trying to figure out anything else. This time I did give it a second chance, only to run into more serious problems. 😡 Well, I’ll just reinstall back what I had at the beginning of the day and live with the small issues, right? Last time, the install took me under 60 minutes. After the second install I could not get anything to work again! How is it possible to use the exact same install media, on the exact same machine, and get two completely different results? After a day of pondering this dilemma – downtime for my employer – I am installing that other system first thing tomorrow morning. 😦

Here are some myths, that I personally have proven wrong:

Linux is cheaper. You know what? Nobody in the corporate world cares! I have yet to meet anyone anywhere who actually gives a hoot to save money for their employer in this area. Licensing costs for proprietary software, in the corporate world, are somebody else’s problem somewhere else and the software is effectively free to us here.

Linux is technically superior. That may be, but only if you are a geek that reads source code all day. One of my colleagues, whom I respect very much, runs Windows on his desktop, has a MacBook sitting on the desk next to him, wears OpenBSD T-shirts, and runs several different Linuxes in the back room. He is quite fluent in all these OSes. When someone asks him which OS he prefers, his answer is always: “whichever gets the job done the fastest.” The “job” that he is faced with on a daily basis: some marketing drone hassling him to “just get my laptop to work!” Bottom line: All operating systems will have problems. It just so happens that for Windows the problems are assumed by the (l)users, and there is always somebody around who knows how to “just get it to work.” However, if you run into a problem with your Linux machine, everyone just gives you that you-asked-for-it look and a shrug.

I am not expecting to see Linux on the corporate desktop any time soon. 😥



  1. To bad… Having linux in the corporate world would be great; it would revolutionize industry!

    Comment by sirstrom52 — October 5, 2009 @ 10:42 am | Reply

  2. Holy crap! 12 HOURS to install Windows + all apps that I need.

    Comment by siking — October 3, 2009 @ 10:44 am | Reply

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