December 26, 2009

Wireless in VMware Server 1.0.10 on Linux Mint 5

Filed under: linux,virtualization — SiKing @ 7:35 pm

Over the holidays I updated my VMware Server, and I got my machines bridged to my wireless card. Yea baby! :mrgreen:

  1. Have a read through my previous HOWTO.
  2. Download VMware Server 1.0.10.
  3. Go through the install, but stop at the
  4. Download Liken’s vmware-any-any-update-115-K2.6.24-WirelessBridge.tar.gz.
  5. Unpack Liken’s update. Replace vmmon.tar with the original from VMware Server. If you are following my instructions religiously, then you want cp /usr/local/lib/vmware/modules/source/vmmon.tar /tmp/vmware-any-any-update-116-K2.6.24-WirelessBridge/.
  6. Run the in Liken’s update, and continue with (you have to do this as sudo, but you knew that right?).
  7. Cleanup the debris – see the note about in my HOWTO.
  8. Before starting your machine, explicitly define the machine to use Custom Network Connection: /dev/vmnet2 (or whatever you bridged your wireless card to).
    Virtual Machine Settings

Credits: without the following people I would have never gotten this to work.

PS: This is my post #100! 😎


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