August 19, 2010

Scorpion EXO-100 mini-review

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I got into a new hobby recently: motorcycle riding. Actually, it is more than just a hobby, it’s a whole lifestyle. 😎

One of the first things that I needed was a helmet. After some advice and a little browsing around I ended up with the Scorpion EXO-100, Tribal black. The helmet looks great! It has a removable earskirt – earmuffs? – and a flip down visor that retracts into the helmet itself. My initial reasoning was that in Vegas temperatures often get over 100°F so I don’t wanna cook my melon, and in the city there generally isn’t that many rocks flying around.

Even thought the manufacturer recommends the XL for me, I eventually had to trade my helmet in for a XXL – the biggest size they got – to fit my planetoid.

Well, it has been close to two months, and I had already taken a highway trip with this helmet. At first I was worried about the wind noise. At speeds of 50mph with the earmuffs removed, the noise is quite significant. For the highway trip I put the earmuffs on, which significantly cut down on the wind noise. The earmuffs also have a built-in area where you can insert your own speakers that can be connected to your mp3 player or whatever; mine aren’t that good, and the sound quality sucked. This I found to be too distracting, but that is a personal thing and has nothing to do with the helmet’s design.

On my bike I have a wind shield, and so over the weekend trip I only took two small bugs in the forehead and no rocks.

Bottom line is: with the earmuffs attached the remaining wind noise is more bearable than cooking my head inside of a full-face helmet, at least to me. Perhaps I will change my mind after I go through the first decent rainstorm, but I hope the visor will take care of that too.

❗ There is one complaint that I did have: the helmet has a design flaw.

The inner lining is made from several parts. There is one strip that goes around your head, and another that goes over the top.helmet lining

The part where the sewn seam meets the helmet protective lining has no place to compress or hide. So right above your ears there are two pressure points that hurt like a bitch! I simply took the back-end of a ballpoint pen and made a dent in the foam lining of the helmet. Voila, problem solved!dent for the lining


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