September 6, 2010

Carlsbad run

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Finally did a serious ride! 😎 Las Vegas -> Carlsbad, NM and back in three days.

According to my GPS, we covered 1792.8 miles in 30:05 hours of pure ride time averaging 60 mph.

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day 1 – Friday

Due to the long weekend, they kicked our buts out of work at noon, so we were on the road at 1pm instead of the planned 4pm! The target for the day was Flagstaff, AZ, but due to the extra time we pushed all the way to Holbrook, AZ (marker B on the map above).

I took a couple of pictures like this, at 70mph:
but when I showed them to Bonnie, she said that if I wreck and she finds any more of these on my phone she will not even call for help. 😀

day 2 – Saturday

What we made up the first day in riding, we lost the second day sleeping in. We continued down the I-40 (the top route on the map). The target for this day was Roswell, NM, but we arrived at 5:10pm – ten minutes after closing – so we pushed all the way to Carlsbad, NM (marker C) and decided to do all the site seeing on Sunday.

Saw lots of trains on the way too. I think I want to be a trainchaser someday – although that can (should?) wait until I hit senility. Got too many plans that I will still need my wits about me for. 🙂

Had my first decent meal that night: ½ order of ribs and Sam Adams.

day 3 – Sunday

Started with a 2-hour tour of the Carlsbad caves. Both my photography skills and my phone-camera suck, so all the pictures from the caves turned out like crap. However, it is something you must see first hand anyway; pictures just cannot do this place justice!

After that we rode back to Roswell (marker D) and did the obligatory UFO and all things conspiracy museum.

One thing that I definitely wanted to see on this trip was the Very Large Array (marker E). This was pretty late in the day, and we were riding straight into the sunset. Combined with the amount of bugs that I had splattered all over my windshield, I completely missed the turnoff! We stopped just as the sun set beyond the horizon – closing time. I was thrilled anyway just to see it even at a distance, and by this time tired beyond caring about not being able to walk up and touch it.

We made our target – the Arizona border (marker F) – just before 10pm. It was the only time that I got to use my riding jacket for what it was actually intended for: riding and protection from the elements.

day 4 – Monday

The target for this day was to just get back home in one piece. In Kingman, we (and by “we” I mean Bonnie :razz:, because I was just too tired to care at this point) decided to avoid all the tourists, so we cut over to I-15 via Searchlight (marker G) and Nipton (marker H). Bonnie did not tell me that we would be going to another state on the way home! 😯

Maybe just one more:

things I learned

  • drink the sports drink before you hit the road, not after you are dehydrated – you’ll never catch up at that point
  • if you’re going on the Arizona highways, make sure you first practice high-speed tight slalom; just trust me on this one 😆
  • find several comfortable positions on the bike; any single one will become excruciatingly uncomfortable within a few hours
  • Bonnie is the coolest biker babe ever! Thank You for taking me on this trip Bonnie.


  1. Can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this trip. Beautiful scenery, good weather most of the way and especially a wonderful riding partner and friend.
    Thanks for taking me along!!

    Comment by Bonnie — October 8, 2010 @ 12:31 am | Reply

    • I really hope there are many more to come like this one!

      Comment by siking — October 8, 2010 @ 2:22 pm | Reply

  2. Few more pictures and some additional commentary is here:

    Comment by siking — September 8, 2010 @ 12:10 pm | Reply

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