July 20, 2011

cross browser testing

Filed under: tech — SiKing @ 4:21 pm

I was asked today to find something that will “test our website in multiple browsers”. At this point there is no concern for functional testing (although I suspect this will come in time), right now we just want to check that the page renders correctly. Here are a couple of solutions that I found and thought were actually usable:

  1. – these guys have, what looks like, every OS/browser combination known to mankind. You pick the browsers you want, give them a URL, and they will send you back a bunch of screenshots. If you’re a non-paying customer, you might have to wait up to an hour for the results. Also, when I was testing this, I often got back a screenshot of a browser that looked like it was still downloading stuff.
  2. netrenderer – same idea as above, but IE-only and one at a time.
  3. IETester – local download. It’s an app that probably has all the IE (only) rendering engines embedded in it, and you can open different tabs with different engine + website. Apparently it goes up to IE10. When I tried to view our website in IE9 in this app, it failed to render. However, when I tried to view our website in actual IE9, it rendered perfectly fine.
  4. Utilu IE Collection – this will install all actual IEs on your machine and allow you to run them side by side. Definitely the best solution out of these, as it allows you to do whatever you need with a browser … including full automation of functional tests. Unfortunately, even though the installer listed versions 1.5 up to 8 (don’t know why nothing beyond), it was not able to install some of the those.
  5. Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection – same thing as above, but for Firefox. However, this one has some added benefits: it will install all versions up to and including nightly build, and it has one launcher that you pass a URL to and it will open all the browsers to that URL.

Now to get something for Safari. Anyone?


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