February 1, 2013

Noki Déjà vu

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After 6 years my phone finally died. People (some people) are freaked out that I have had a phone for 6 years. However, when I purchased it, I had all intentions of keeping it for at least 10! It powers on, however the keyboard is completely unresponsive. Actually for a few years I had been unable to reflash the OS. Unfortunately the phone took down my entire phonebook with it.

Getting a new phone was like déjà vu, or is that reja vu?

For like a year now I have been talking about getting a new (the?) phone, and actually trying to bid cheap on it on eBay. When my old phone died, due to some personal circumstances, I needed a phone like right now! I just went to Target and got whatever was the cheapest thing in stock. After a few days I decided that all I really need is a phone … that’s it! Just a phone that can make calls, and send the odd SMS text. So one last time I decided to have a browse through eBay, just to see what the current price point is on the N9. When I logged into my account I had a message … from a seller: “where the heck is my money for the phone you bought a week ago?!?!” That’s paraphrased, of course. This was a total surprise. I discovered that eBay completely redesigned their site! Auctions that you are either bidding on and have lost are easily accessible from the left navigation menu (even though the counts are updated correctly only after you click on one of the links). But auctions that you have actually won, are buried at the bottom of the “Summary” page. 😡

I apologized to the seller and paid for the phone right away. Since I am getting a new shiny phone, I even paid for the extra $20 faster shipping. Afterwards, on a whim, I decided to check the seller’s eBay store. The seller is from Hong Kong, and at the top of the storefront was a message: “tomorrow is the start of the Chinese New year celebrations, and so we will be shutting down for a month!” 😯

Update Feb.19: And it does not end there. The seller shipped it to the wrong address (someplace in California). USPS says they will wait 30 days and ship it back if it is unclaimed. 😦

Probably faith telling me that the cheapo is good enough for me?


August 18, 2011

the next phone?

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My old phone is getting … old. So I started looking around at what else to get. I really like the sound of the new N9! However, in a twisty move by Nokia I suspect a lot of people are going to get rich off of this phone. I’m still looking at other possibilities…

August 11, 2009


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Not much actually. 😐

So my Noki is now officially outdated. 😦 Man, €500 and 19 months later, and stuff is no good anymore. 😯 Am I the only one who thinks that a device I pay that much money for should last me at least a decade? Yea, naïve, I know. 😥

Update 09/08/21: Now I know why. Nokia N900 running full Linux. Yea baby!

I am so over 64bit operating systems, regardless of the vendor. I suspect the biggest problem that is killing the whole thing are peripheral vendors. Apparently 64bit support was available in CPUs from 2003, and OS supported it from 2001 – both on the desktop. However, five years after the fact, support from (closed source) hardware vendors is flaky at best! Here is just one example of a miserable issue I recently ran headlong into.

Here is a good one. The other day, while I am installing something – something that I have been installing the same way at work for the past 6 months – out of nowhere pops up the following:

Site Server 3

This is a 10-year old product ❗ And I get this popup only when I am installing over the network. Anyone know where the heck this comes from ❓

February 25, 2008

Noki upgrade, or is it?

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Nokia logoSo almost a year after I got my Noki I finally upgraded the firmware. I am the ultimate procrastinator!

The Nokia website is rather difficult to navigate, IMHO. I had to resort to Google to find their FAQ, which is the only place that gives you the recommended full instructions. One thing that is missing (but for Windblows users this is probably normal part of life) is that you need to reboot the PC after installing all the software. Before the reboot, the software did not detect my phone correctly. I went from version 1.10.030 to 2.20.008. After upgrade of the firmware I also reformatted the internal disk; the backup and restore via USB for that alone took about an hour, each way. One very kool (NOT!) thing: during restore of the internal memory, about 3/4 of the way through, the phone insists on rebooting, failing the restore … in other words, I have no way of completing the restore. whacky So far I am not sure what I lost, if anything.

So what was the point of all the pain? I had previously experienced occasional lockup of the phone (I did hear this from other users as well), which forced me to reboot it to get it back to life. On one occasion, I even crashed the Music player – the player on this phone is an always-on application, which is not possible to be shut down, therefore the designers did not feel it necessary to have a way for it to be started up. So far no crashes after the upgrade, mind you it has been only a week. However, there was a second reason. When you upload music to the phone through USB, the first time afterwards you switch on the Music player, it is supposed to detect the change and prompt you to refresh the internal music library indexes. On occasion, this process would completely wipe my music library (only the library index, not the actual MP3s) from the memory. After the upgrade, I am permanently stuck with an empty library: the phone does prompt me to refresh after an upload, but the OK button is simply not there – the only option available is Cancel. So far, I have no workaround for this F-up.

Another thing that I am enjoying from the PC software, is that when I plug in the phone and turn on the Mass storage mode, the PC Suite complains that the phone is switched to an incompatible mode…

Update1 2008/07/31: Update on the Music library issues. First off, Nokia obviously denies anything is wrong. Second, there is a way to start up the Music player in case it crashes: Menu > Music. Lastly, and most importantly, to “wake up” (for lack of a better phrase) the Music library after having the phone memory completely wiped due to firmware update, you need to force it the first time: Menu > Music > Options > Refresh music library. My personal guess is that this builds up internally whatever it needs. After that, the updates seem to work correctly after a USB upload, and the prompt even has the OK button. 🙂

Update2 2008/07/31: So one thing that did not make the restore: my saved radio stations.

January 17, 2007

You feeling lucky, punk?

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So my birthday went by and I got my phone! yay! As most other things in my life, it was not without its hiccups. oh well

Got the phone from 3G. I got lucky as I was dealing with, I suppose, the manager or at least a senior sales guy. It just so happens that he was after a satisfied customer rather than after a quick sale. Since I was interested in a rather new phone and I did mention that I was definitely interested in its Internet capabilities, he recommended that I check with the provider if they will even support this phone on their network. Apparently, a provider can refuse to support a phone if it has not been tested by them first. He did mention that Vodaphone should support it no problem, as they are currently selling it themselves; unfortunately, they also have the most expensive connect charges for Internet. Well, I happen to be on Henry street, so all the providers were within a few minutes of each other. As per the suggestion, I did not even bother Vodaphone. I hit up O2 first. I got some nonsensical attempted techno-babble from a sales drone, which basically amounted to: we will not kick you off, but you’re on your own. The sales drone at 3 (the provider Three) admitted right away that this is beyond his comprehension abilities and called up tech support, who told him very plainly: no! Apparently they will not even give me the configuration for an older phone with which I can take a chance. I walked over to Meteor, and was greeted by a very pretty sales lady with the most beautiful blue eyes that you can just look into and see … absolutely nothing. My questions were also beyond her ability to easily brush me off, so she sent me off to one of the more capable dudes in the store ATM. A couple of clicks on the Internet and he confirmed that they have all the codes and settings for the N91 and if I bring the phone in he will have me connected within 5 minutes. Meteor it is then, contrary to previous expectations! I would like to point out, that I do realize that Nokia directly has the required setting for most operators, but wanted to see first how forthcoming the operators themselves would be. The sales guy at 3G even recommended that I go with the Nokia codes rather than the provider ones, unless those do not work.

Got the phone home, my love was very understanding of my (admittedly) childish obsessions. I carefully unpacked it, after the celebration dinner, and wouldn’t you know it: no battery. I don’t get how my fist cheapo phone had to be sold in a sealed box, but this multi-hundred Euro phone is sold in an open box, where any drop-out sales drone can help himself to the parts? Took it back the next (working) day, got a hold of the same sales guy who apparently assumed that I was not just some punk trying to score a second battery, and with apologies handed me a new battery. Although all was not lost. I found that the battery from my old phone is completely compatible with this one. So, I Googled how to best store batteries, until I use up the old one.

So I am now going to be browsing through the Yahoo! groups over the next several days, since I am already on Yahoo!, searching for a decent group where I can discover other neat and hidden things about my Noki. I already crashed the system BANG! once unintentionally, and am looking forward to pushing the thing to its limits. who, me?

Completely on a different note… Spiderman 3 is coming in May! During childhood (well, teenage-hood in my case) Spiderman was my favourite superhero. Very close second was Wolverine. S3 is going to have Sandman and Venom. In the comic books the two have never met, but I guess the movies follow a different timeline. I am totally looking forward to this movie. The first two were rated as PG-13 so this one is (better be) going to be at least that. Unfortunately, I wanted to take my little guy, but he would not be able to sleep for days. poor guy

September 8, 2006

Shopping for a phone

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Dead Santa

So I’m looking for a new phone. Actually I have been looking for a new phone for like the past three years, but I have just never had the spare cash to do it. This year I’m going to hit up Santa, as I figure he owes me for the past several years of socks and underwear; if he does not come through for me, then I’m going to treat myself for my B-day!

Currently I am sporting the extreme bargain Nokia 1600. What I really want is a phone and MP3 player and that’s it! I don’t need a camera, I have no need for Bluetooth, or any of that other latest’n’greatest crap. However, I suspect that in today’s consumer economy, I will not be able to get one without these additional features. As for the design, I am not a fan of the flip-phones – the ones that you first have to open up like a can. I do believe that it is a great idea to hide the buttons so as not to damage them, but I personally just could not be bothered to flip. Oh ya, and I would also like it to have a Czech dictionary. Image

Here are the current recommendations, in order of my preference:

  1. The Nokia N91. The slider to hide the buttons is nice, much better than a flipper. Have been a fan of Nokia ever since my trip to their plant in Salo.
  2. The Chocolate bar LG KG800. Slightly over-hyped for my tastes, but seems good.
  3. The Walkman Sony Ericsson W810i. I liked this phone the first time I saw it, even though I generally shy away from Sony products.
  4. The Perl BlackBerry 8100. This looks kool, but I am not sure that it will satisfy me as it has a lot of other features that I will probably never use and will just get in my way.

Anyone else have one? Please do add your thoughts, links, whatever.

OK, Santa flipped me off … so birthday it is then!

It is looking like the Noki is going to be the winner: 4GB disk on-board, and running Symbian too! How freakin’ kool is that? Now I just need to figure out a way to get it over the border, so that I can get the VAT back.

I also started checking this thing out on eBay – it goes for like US$500 including shipping and all (hidden) costs. But man, there are a lot of scams out there! I joined eBay way back in the day, and back then it was a good thing. But today, it is fast becoming the place to get ripped off on the Net. WTF is up with that?

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