April 21, 2009

Arrrgh! Mateys

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PTB is getting a lot of press lately. The whole lawsuit is probably a waste of effort, and money, and court time, and….. The Internet will fight back, and to boot the press is making martyrs out of these guys. This is the same thing as when in the late ’80s they tried to ban offensive lyrics in music, and then kids would go into stores with: “Could I get anything with a warning label on it.” I am on the side of the PTB guys. I think the music and movie industries and their copyright laws are outdated, ridiculous, and in serious need of overhaul.

But even if the *AAs get their way. Look what happened when they tried to take down Napster – we got BitTorrent. If they, by some freak chance do take down BitTorrent, that will only lead to something different and better and harder to take down.

I love this: Canadian pirates have been threatening the American music industry in 1897 – not a typo, yeah, that’s like the nineteenth century – and apparently we are still threatening it today. I think this is generally refered to as FUD.


July 11, 2008

Sharing is Stealing

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As children we are often taught to share with others. From before we can talk or walk we are encouraged that sharing is a good thing. So I wonder: what kind of parents did Jack Valenti or Dan Glickman have? And what will their children be like?

The *AA are raising a generation of people that will fear and hate them as well as anyone that they represent. I am willing to pay for pair of shoes or a meal, but a movie or a song? No way! Now don’t get me wrong, I am totally OK with going to the movie theatre and for around $30 I get the popcorn and a movie. But if I am going to spend that kind of money for a few hours of entertainment, I want to know up front that I will get my money’s worth. Just like if I go to a concert: I have no problem in supporting the record company, the stadium, the security at the concert, the sound crew, the guy selling overpriced watered down Coke, the janitor, oh ya and the artist, but I need to know that I will be entertained.

Here are a couple of examples, of why I am a pirate!

  1. The other day my girlfriend and I wanted to watch a movie at home. From the kind of stuff that she likes, and I was in the mood, I decided on an older movie (Awakenings, but the title is not important). So during the day I dropped down to the local video store. Not available for rent. Or, so “can I buy it?” “We could order it for you, it’s available as part of a box set for €75.” “No thank you!” “How about any of the other stores in town?” “Well, we can only search through the latest titles.” I tried several used stores, none of which had it either. Screw this! 2 hour download, bottle of wine, and we’re enjoying the movie.
  2. Bought the kids a children’s movie on DVD – can’t remember the title. The kids all excited pop it in and start it up. First thing that comes on, a scary commercial against piracy. Fine, whatever. Followed by more commercials, for Disneyland, other movies, etc., etc. I tried to skip over that, but during the commercials, skipping over was disabled. I told the kids they will just have to sit through the commercials before their movie comes on. 20 minutes later one of them comes to me with: “Daddy could you please rip the movie for us, so that we can watch the movie instead of all those commercials?” What am I suppose to say?
  3. And my favourite: region codes. I got / purchased several movies in Europe. I will soon be moving to the US … making all my DVDs useless! Either I need to bring a region 2 DVD player (plus power converter), or trash my movies and buy them all again, or the third option: rip them!

Just recently got through Steal This Film, both of them. There were a couple of quotes that I really liked when they were talking about today’s culture. “A culture where things are produced because people care about it, and not necessarily because they hope other people will buy it.” – Felix Stalder. “Making money is not the point of media, making something is the point of media.” – Peter Sunde. Give the films a look.

If you want, here is something from a little more “respectable” source, if that turns your crank. But there are plenty of things on this Internet, have a search.

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